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Glycerine Bath Beaker Sample Dyeing Machine

Glycerine Bath Beaker Sample Dyeing Machine

Description :

  • Glycerine Bath Beaker Dyeing Machine (GBBD) is best suitable for dyeing Polyester fabric, yarn, and loose stock up to a temperature of 140°C.
  • Results can be reproduced and transferred to the actual dyeing plant.
  • Beakers with different capacities can be used in the same machine at the same time for dyeing various sizes of samples
  • Models with High Capacity Beakers are suitable for Dyeing of full Saree, Buttons Zips & Garment accessories

Available Beaker Capacities : 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 3000 ml, 6000 ml and 10,000 ml.

Number of Beakers Available In Machine Models: 24 Beakers, 18 Beakers, 12 Beakers, 8 Beakers, 4 Beakers, and 2 Beakers depending on the capacity of the Beaker.