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Profix DS – Powder Mineral Dissolving System

Profix DS – Powder Mineral Dissolving System

Profix DS is a powder mineral dissolving system. It helps to prepare the whole solution in one dissolving tank to store it in big capacity silos. Then according to Dyeing Machine’s requirement, the necessary amount of mineral solutions can be dosed into additional tanks on time from silos. Automatic washing after dissolving & different solution ratio control is possible to do with the system itself.

The dissolving tank is equipped with a pump, mixer, circulation system, collector until 10 different mineral chemicals, related valves connection were designed to get the final result.

With 2 types of tank cover, it comes with an open edge or close tap for different kinds of chemicals.

General Specification:

  • Fully dissolved solutions
  • Eliminate solid residuals, all solution % errors
  • Saves process time
  • Reduces the labor costs
  • Eliminate defective orders
  • Reduce weighing errors
  • Powerful mixer